About Lollipop


What is Lollipop?

Lollipop is an online shop for modern acrylic glass art and dibond matte photograhs and illustrations. We provide fine art printed artworks that will light up dull place and give your wall that modern gallery look. If you are looking for a unique large artwork and a real eye catcher in your interior, look no futher. That’s exactly what Lollipop will deliver.

Gallery quality artworks

We value quality more than quantity. That’s why we exclusively make of use premium materials, whether you choose for dibond matte or acrylic glass. Everything we deliver is fabricated with a state of the art 12 color printer using premium photopaper specifically designed for large artworks. For referece, most artwork printers only use 6 colors. Because of our 12 color printer we have a much larger colour range resulting in the most realistic colors possible for the artwork.

Digital check

Every illustration or photograph is checked digitally to make sure it matches our high-end printing standards. We do not make artworks of photographs or illustrations that do not correspond with these high definition standards.

After production we also carefully check every artwork to make sure it corresponds with our high quality standards. It will look like the piece is stolen from a fine-art gallery.

Acrylic glass fine art or Dibond fine art matte?

Arcylic glass fine art + aluminum plate
Dibond fine art matte

Acrylic glass fine art

If you choose for acrylic glass fine art, your artwork will be first printed on premium photo paper. Then we will carefully glue your print behind a 4 mm thik acrylic glass plate resulting in a modern and flat gallery-looking artwork.

As an option you can choose to add an aluminum plate making the artwork more robust. Acrylic glass fine art gives your artwork a luxurious appearance and displays even the smallest details.

It is ideal if you want your artwork to really bust out of the wall and will guarantee a wow-effect when people walk into your place.

Dibond fine-art matte

If you choose Dibond fine art matte, your artwork will be first printed on premium photo paper. Then we will laminate the print on an aluminum dibond plate (3 mm). This method is better than direct print, because the matte laminate protects your artwork against moisture and scratches.

A matte finish also provides a very elegant look and feel, much like those matte coloured cars you see driving around.

Dibond fine-art matte is suitable for places with strong light or mirroring.


Which accessories should you select?


Floating hanging set

Every artwork comes with a free floating hanging set. You can select this as an option when ordering. The metal hanging set consists of 2 self-adhesive hanging plates with eyes and 2 spacer pads. Each plate has a size of 10 x 10 cm and this hanging system can support a weight of up to 12 kg in total, enough for even our largest artworks. The suspension discs are provided with a self-adhesive layer and can be easily attached to the back of the photo panel.

Gallery hanging set

This premium hanging set is optimal for large artworks. The aluminum gallery suspension system is invisible, and just like in a gallery, the artwork seems to float. Moreover, it offers extra strength for the artwork.

Adding an aluminum plate to the back of your artwork(*)

If you choose this option your acrylic glass artwork will be produced as normal, but we will add an aluminum plate to it’s back giving it much more strength. This way it is impossible for the artwork to bend, since arcylic glass is bendable. It will keep your artwork flat and robust over the years.

(*) Important notice: only select this option if you are ordering an acrylic glass artwork since dibond matte artworks are produced with an aluminum plate as a standard.

Diverse collection of artworks


Photgraph & Illustration artworks

Ordinarily acrylic glass is exclusively used for photographs. Often, there is a very talented group of artist left out of the picture: digital illustration artists. We want to empower both photographers and digital artists to showcase & sell their beautiful artworks as large acrylic glass prints.

Independent professional artists

Lollipop works with independent artists from all over the world. That’s why our collection is so diverse and unique. These aren’t just amateur pictures, these artworks are made by professional and semi-professional photgraphers/illustrators with a lot of talent and very diverse backgrounds.

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