Lollipop is an online shop for modern art in acrylic glass. Our fine art printed arcyl glass artworks lights up every detail and color and gives an artwork that unique gallery look. All of our artworks meet with high quality standards and everything that we deliver is printed on premium photopaper with a state of the art 12 color printer. Finally the artwork is glued behind an acrylic glass plate giving it a modern, clean and robust look.

Photgraph & Illustration artworks

Ordinarily acrylic glass is exclusively used for photographs. Often, there is a very interesting group of artist left out of the picture: digital illustration artists. We want to empower both photographers and digital artists to showcase & sell their beautiful artworks as large acrylic prints.


Lollipop offers a wide variety of unique arcylic glass artworks for those who are bored by traditional framed paper print. Every artwork featured in the shop is a unique design and specifically selected to guarantuee it doesn't go unnoticed. We carefully produce every artwork to make sure they will bust out of the wall and make it look like you just stole the piece from a fine-art gallery.

Are you an artist?

We strongly believe in independent artists and are always looking for new talent and designs. We want to create a creative environment where anybody feels empowered to try out their ideas whether you are accomplished or not. If you have illustrations or photograph artworks, you might be interested in selling your art as acrylic glass artworks. If you are interested, do not hestitate to contact us and join our pool! We take care of everything from producing to shipping every order internationally.* We only expect artists to enjoy their creative freedom, create art and make a little living out of it!

(*) we ship orders to these follwing countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland

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