Dwayne Gonsalves

Dwayne Gonsalves is a professional animal safari guide and photographer born in Germiston Johannesburg. Today he’s living a nomadic lifestyle in the South-African bush as a professional safari guide, that specializes in educational safari and he loves connecting people to nature.
With his photos he is trying to show to people the beauty that is out there. He wants to make people aware of the fact that there are more important things than our human greed.
Dwayne is not afraid to go that extra mile for a perfect shot. One day he was even bitten by a spotted hyena in the arm, leaving him with his own personal bite mark artwork.

Simone Hutsch

Simone is a graphic designer and a self taught architecture photographer from Berlin, Germany and currently living in London, UK.


She got into architecture photography when she studied graphic design in her hometown Berlin. Exploring the geometry in buildings triggers her imagination and inspires her.


A building can inspire her in many different ways, with its pattern, colour or shape. The perspective has a crucial role. She’s always impressed by how the geometry of a building changes when you change your point of view.


These are uneditted high resolution photographs taken by the different NASA space telescopes.  NASA has a gallery of images accessible to everyone, but we selected a few specific photographs that perfectly match our high quality standards.


Printed out on our acrylic glass or dibond matte gives these photographs a whole new dynamic and the depth they deserve.

Lollipop originals

Lollipop originals are artworks made by independent artists that do not belong to a specific collection of a featured Lollipop artist. These artworks are specifically curated for you by a specialist.
Every photograph, illustration or graphic design is checked digitally to make sure they match our high end printing standards.
These are guaranteed to turn your living room into a modern art gallery.


Paweł Czerwiński

Paweł Czerwiński is a polish artist who likes to experiment with acrylic paint and  a photgrapher who loves to take minimalistic shots.


He uses a wide variety of tools to creat his work like eggslicers or plastic containers with holes in the bottom to let the layered paint flow down very slowly.


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