How acryl glass art can transform your interior into a gallery

In interior design, wall art is all too often seen as a side issue. It is usually the last element to which attention is given, if it is even given attention at all.

New dynamics

If you degrade prints or other artworks to the sidelines, you miss out on a great interior design opportunity. If you choose carefully, the photo or illustration can give the entire room a totally new dynamic. Certainly, when choosing luxury materials such as dibond and plexiglass (or acrylic glass) artworks. You could almost say that works of art against the wall are the most important element in interior design. Say for yourself, don't you think it is a fantastic feeling to walk through an empty white room with beautiful works against the wall? Would you have the same feeling if you walk through an empty room where there are only chairs or tables? That is how much impact a beautiful work of art has on a living space.


If you are a bit unsure about which artworks you can give a prominent role in your interior design, then don't worry. At Lollipop we are happy to support you with this. This post will help you make the right choice and if you have made a wrong choice you can return any artwork that you buy at Lollipop, free of charge.
One of the most fundamental principles of interior design is that every room needs a focal point or a single design element that instantly attracts the visitor's attention and gives an idea of what they can expect. It goes without saying that the larger works (XL and XXL) that can be found on Lollipop can easily fulfill this position.

A creative gallery wall can easily brighten up a more traditional dining area or a pair of matching works can give a cozy feeling to a seating area.

Choosing the right artwork

When choosing a piece of wall art as a focal point for your space, the most important consideration is size. A piece of art that is too small falls into the shadow of the surrounding furniture and a piece that is too large looks as if it is overflowing. Make sure you measure the available wall space so that you know how much space you have available. For example, for a wall of 3 by 2 meters (or more), a plexiglass (acrylic glass) or dibond artwork of 150 cm by 100 cm is ideal.

If a landscape sized artwork is too big for your wall or if you want a larger artwork, but in length, your best option is to look at our portrait sized artworks. They go up to 105 cm height and are 70 cm in width. They have the same wow factor as our larger landscape oriented artworks, but don’t need a lot of free space. Any area wider than 100 cm is perfectly suitable for this size of artwork.

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