Which accessories should you select?


Floating hanging set

You can select this as an option when ordering. The metal hanging set consists of 2 self-adhesive hanging plates with eyes and 2 spacer pads. Each plate has a size of 10 x 10 cm and this hanging system can support a weight of up to 12 kg in total, enough for even our largest artworks. The suspension discs are provided with a self-adhesive layer and can be easily attached to the back of the photo panel.

Gallery hanging set

This premium hanging set is optimal for large artworks. The aluminum gallery suspension system is invisible, and just like in a gallery, the artwork seems to float. Moreover, it offers extra strength for the artwork.

Adding an aluminum plate to the back of your artwork(*)

If you choose this option your acrylic glass artwork will be produced as normal, but we will add an aluminum plate to it’s back giving it much more strength. This way it is impossible for the artwork to bend, since arcylic glass is bendable. It will keep your artwork flat and robust over the years.

Why choose for an aluminum backing plate?

For any acryl glass artwork larger than 90 x 60 cm, we advise to add an aluminum plate. You can always order it without, but with an aluminum plate you are certain that your artwork will stay perfectly straight and sleek over the years.

(*) Important notice: only select this option if you are ordering an acrylic glass artwork since dibond matte artworks are produced with an aluminum plate as a standard.

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